What Type of Computer Should I Buy in Order to Run KeyShot?

Below are some things to consider when shopping for hardware.

For minimum system requirements, click here

Processor (CPU)
The processor is the only hardware component that has an effect on render performance. The higher the number of cores the better. Core count takes precedence over clock speed (Hz). For optimal rendering power and performance, consider processors with high core counts: Intel Xeon (except for Xeon Phi), and/or AMD Ryzen. 

Memory (RAM)
Your computer should have enough RAM to load all of the polys/triangles in your CAD files. Normally, 12GB of RAM is enough to load your CAD files, work in KeyShot, and multi-task with other applications.

Graphics Card (GPU)
Any graphics card that runs Open GL 2.0 or later will work great with KeyShot.*

*KeyShot does NOT make use of the graphics card for rendering. Thus, the graphics card has no effect on KeyShot's performance.


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