Activating KeyShot Node-Lock License

Serial codes that start with the letters H, P, E, N or Z, correspond to KeyShot HD, KeyShot Pro, KeyShot Educational, KeyShot Not-For-Resale, and KeyShot for Zbrush versions, respectively.

Activating Your License:

1. Download and Install KeyShot client.
2. Launch KeyShot and select Activate your license from the registration wizard.

Note: If you are using KeyShot demo mode, then you may open the registration wizard from Help (Windows) or KeyShot (Mac) -> Register License.



3. Enter your information and click Next.

4. Enter your KeyShot serial code.

5. You'll be prompted for a KeyShotXR serial code. Leave blank if you do not have a KeyShotXR code.

6. Click Next and complete the registration.

If you are unable to complete the registration, then click Save Request File. You may save the request file to your computer and send it to for manual activation.

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