Activate KeyShotXR

KeyShotXR is a KeyShot add-on (sold separately). KeyShot Enterprise includes KeyShotXR and does not need a product key or serial code for activation.* For additional information regarding KeyShotXR, click here.

Activate KeyShotXR with your "V" product key
Enable KeyShotXR within KeyShot Enterprise


How to activate KeyShotXR with your "V" product key

1. Open KeyShot

2. Go Help (Windows) or KeyShot (Mac) -> Activate KeyShotXR.



3. Fill in your KeyShotXR serial code and click Next, then Finish.

Activation Successful

If you are unable to complete the registration, then click Save Request File. You may save the request file to your computer and send it to for manual activation.


How to enable KeyShotXR within KeyShot Enterprise

1. Open KeyShot
2. Go to Help/KeyShot > Select Floating License Type...
3. Enable the checkbox for Check out XR feature from license server
4. Click OK

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