Slow renders because of MacOS App Nap

When rendering on Mac OS X and the screen turns off or if KeyShot isn't the active app, the operating system slows down the CPU usage of the rendering.

This makes the render times unnecessary long.

Disable App Nap System-Wide in Mac OS X

*Note* Turning this off my impact every task, process, or application that runs in the background of OS X.
  1. Open the Terminal app, found in /Applications/Utilities/ folder
  2. Copy and paste the following defaults string into the Terminal, then hit the return key:
      write NSGlobalDomain NSAppSleepDisabled -bool YES
  3. Close out of Terminal and restart the Mac for the changes to carry through
Like other default command strings, there is no confirmation. Once the Mac has been restarted, you can confirm that App Nap is not working backgrounding a couple of the processes or hiding inactive applications for 30 minutes or so, then checking the "Energy" panel in Activity Monitor. Look under the "App Nap" sort section and everything will be listed as "No" including the app that was backgrounded. 

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