KeyShot 9 GPU Driver Information and Known Issues

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KeyShot 9 will detect the current driver you have installed and alert you if the driver is known to be incompatible or lack feature support.

With the first release of KeyShot 9 the most recent drivers from NVIDIA will tell you upon loading that there are known issues and to drop back to an earlier release. This is not required, the newer driver(s) can be used, however certain material types may display incorrectly, hence the warning.


The driver compatibility information will be updated inside of KeyShot 9 as new drivers are released, as long as you are connected to the Internet.

Current Approved Driver Version Tested in QA: Driver 441.66

  • Quadro R440 U4 (441.66)
  • GeForce 441.66


  • You may use drivers outside of current one above, however we may not able to verify reported issues.
  • Depending on your selections you may not receive results with the drivers listed above.
  • For best results, when searching for drivers, select Windows Driver Type: [Standard] and Download Type: [Optimal Drivers for Enterprise'(ODE)]