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submit job to network - render wrong

Keyshot now lets you touch keyshot too early. If you submit a render, but click a different studio before it's finished rendering, it will submit the wrong render. 

In my case I had it on the Front_Red studio. The file name was MyPrefix.Front_Red.144.jpg. But the Image was actually Hero_Black studio because I was in a rush to submit that studio. 

Keyshot shouldn't let you change anything until it's 100% finished packing up the network package. Had I only changed the camera slightly or something, I wouldn't have noticed. 

Hello Andy,

I am currently running some tests on this and I can give you some feedback as soon as  I get some results.

Thanks for your patience on this.


FYI the file I noticed this with was 1GB. I had imported another LARGE file and Thought that it only imports the active model set. I was wrong. It imported the entire file, so my 200MB file got big Real fast.

So it might not be all that noticeable on small files. Make a file nice and giant and it's much easier to get it to do this. My coworker said it has happened to him also. I just thought it was especially odd that it change what I was rendering, but not the name. 

Thank you for that, We have some pretty heavy files so ill make sure to use those.

Thanks again,


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