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Provide better support for different DPI scaling.

High DPI scaling for Windows has been released for a long time, and this technology is now quite mature. Generally speaking, under different PPI screens, users can choose different zoom levels. For example, for 220PPI screens, users can usually zoom to 200% or 225%.


On my desktop computer, I chose a 125% zoom ratio (25 inches, 2k resolution), but Keyshot, except for the title bar (which is the system ’s native control), other content controls did not respond to the zoom, which caused The controls look too small, which is really unbearable.

I noticed that in the preferences, users are allowed to enable high-resolution support, unfortunately I have turned it on, but there are no additional changes other than the words become larger (not all), and Keyshot is on Mac devices The high resolution support is so perfect, which makes it difficult for me to accept.


The correct approach is to lay out the entire UI in the correct and appropriate proportions, they now look so crowded. I want to give a good example



This is a comparison chart between Keyshot and VS. I think VS is also a professional application with a huge volume and complex interface. It has enough persuasion and its menu design is obviously better than KS.


Another point is that high resolution not only enlarges the characters, but also includes the spacing between icons, buttons and controls. It is not enough to enlarge only one character.

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