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[UI/UX] Improve the font of multilingual interface

As we all know, Keyshot is used by industrial designers around the world, Keyshot provides perfect multilingual support.


So far, in the latest version of Keyshot, Chinese characters are still in Song type. All text in the Keyshot interface should follow the system font. For example, on macOS, use Pingfang font for Chinese and San Francisco font for English. On Windows, use Microsoft Yahei for Chinese (Microsoft may update Chinese fonts in the future, it seems to be an improved version of "Windows etc" or re-purchase new fonts-in any case, you should follow the system if the system changes The default font should be changed with the system.) For English use of Segno UI (I don’t remember if it was written like this, there may be Aril or something, sorry I can’t remember the name of the English font)


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