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[UI/UX]Improve user experience for moving/rotating objects



1. When switching the selected object, the object operation axis changes following the selected object. Every time, when I change the selected object, the operation axis still stays on the previous object. Moving the operation axis also changes the previous object, which makes me embarrassed. This is too counter-intuitive.


2. Explore how to move/rotate objects without completing the confirmation dialog.

The reason why the operation axis does not change following the change of the selected object is because there is a confirmation/cancel dialog box in the operation logic. If there is no point confirmation, the operation is not completed. I think this operation does have its meaning, but I think this operation can be used as an option. Most 3D software will not confirm this operation, because this confirmation is not necessary.


3. In short, through this improvement, you can select which object, the operation axis is on which object, and which object works, and no longer need to confirm the dialog box, what you see is what you get.

Hello Shompinice,

Thank you for contacting Luxion and thank you for your feedback.

Yes I see what you mean. In order to change the 'view' of the objects XYZ position is to select the object in 'Scene' table. Double-clicking will open the new object's material table, but will not change anything in the scene. An acceptable middle ground would be to be able to view the object's position through the 'Right-Click' options.

I have made a note of your recommendations and have passed it along to our development team to see if this is something that can be implemented.
Thank you again for your feedback. If you have any other suggestions or ideas please let us know.

We can only improve on the things that our customers feel need improvement. Your feedback is necessary for KeyShot to continue to evolve!

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Med Venlig Hilsen / Best Regards,

Erik Williams
Customer Support Specialist

No no no you didn’t understand what I meant

See below



In the picture, as you can see, I selected the cube, but the operating axis is still on the sphere. Our normal logic is that when you select which object, then you operate on that object-obviously, when I select the cube, the operation axis should also be located on the cube and operate on the cube.


The reason for the above picture is because the sphere has been shifted before the cube is selected. While performing this operation, a confirmation dialog box will appear at the bottom of the Keyshot window. You must click the green checkmark in the red circle circled by me to indicate the end of the operation.


I think this confirmation process can be removed. You can translate/rotate or zoom on which object you select.


I think the confirmation operation of "Pan/Rotate/Zoom" can be removed, which is not necessary, and it is not necessary in many 3D software. For example Rhino3D or Cinema4D.

Yes, this should be an option, some users may like it, some users can turn off this function to maintain the same operating logic as other 3D software; instead of imposing it on all users, I feel that I have been raped Instead of having sex with it. I’m not familiar with the history of Keyshot, but it seems to me that this function is as old and lacks vitality as Photoshop’s Edit> Free Transform command.

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