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Keyshot Erasing Materials when Updating Model


I'm running Keyshot 9.3 HD and I'm running into an issue that's popped up in the last hour or so.  I use Onshape for the CAD software, and I export the file as a ".sat" file (ACIS).  So far I haven't had an issue with the materials.

For whatever reason though now with this newest exported file,  Keyshot is now undoing all the material settings when I update geometry of the model.  Some of the materials are in the Menu on the right but for the most part it's undoing all the materials I've set when I update the model.  

I'm going to retry exporting the file from Onshape to see if it's something on that end.  I'm not looking forward to having to reapply all these materials so if anyone has run into this and has advice that would be greatly appreciated.



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