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VPN access for KeyShot

Luxion cannot assist with VPN set-up or specific troubleshooting, as it is domain of your individual IT department, however here are some Best Practices  & Basic Troubleshooting Tips for customers using VPNs.

We use OpenVPN for outside access Here at KeyShot This is the way to go if you need access to shared drives, network rendering, floating licenses. First, make sure you’ve got a user on the VPN host machine. Ask someone who can act in a sysadmin capacity to create one for you and to allow it through the OpenVPN interface. 

Then, just open ( your choice of OpenVPN access software ) in your favorite browser and log in with user/pass. We use OpenVPN connect  (available for multiple operating systems). It’ll place an icon in your taskbar equivalent.  There are great resources on Youtube for walk-through's on how to set this up. Please note:  There are many variables specific to each users Network ( Open Ports, Firewall, security protocol etc.) so this is something to take in to consideration when setting up the VPN access.

Another good point When using a virtual software to make sure the software you are using to connect supports OpenGl 2.0 or Higher as this is required to run KeyShot.