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Visual bug when exporting new scene from Maya to KS9, using Maya plugin

When I attempt to export a scene from Maya to KS9 (using the Maya plugin), the Keyshot interface is scaled wrong and everything doesn't work properly. Even the menus appear as larger than they should. If I use Ctrl-Alt-S to save the file, then close Keyshot and open that .bip in a new KS session, everything appears correct.

Using Windows 10

nVidia RTX 2070 Super

AMD Ryzen 3900x

96gb Ram

Maya version 2020

Keyshot version 9.3 Pro

Plugin version 1.4

I have two screens, one is ultra-wide 3480x1600 (main screen), 100% scaling. One is 3840x2160, 200% scaling. I tried moving the window to the other screen, and I THINK it worked once, but I haven't had any success after that. I've tried switching everything to 100% scaling on both screens, changing resolutions on the 16x9 screen, etc. Nothing seems to fix it.

Attached are some screenshots of what it looks like. The one with red markings is after the scene has been imported and is ready to work on.

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Hello Seth,

Thank you for contacting Luxion.
Since you are using two 4K monitors try navigating to Edit/Preferences/interface and enable high DPI you will need to restart KeyShot.
Let me know if this helps with this scaling issue.

Referencing your Ticket ID#:14895


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