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UV mapping of Texture Maps when exporting to GLB/GLTF

We're not familiar with GLB files, but have a project where it's now needed.  I have an object that requires a graphic label applied.  When exporting to .glb, my textures and materials aren't exporting with the object.  

A window pops up stating that texture maps must be UV mapped to work with the gltf format.  

Any help / direction would be appreciated.


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Hello Brian,

Thank you for contacting Luxion KeyShot.
This is correct, We do have a UV unwrapping tool in KeyShot 9 and having the model UV unwrapped is required for applying a texture to the exported the file as GLB.  Here is a quick video on how to use the UV unwrapping tool in KeyShot:

Once you do this the exported file should be good to go.

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