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Failed to prepare NURBS for tessellation!

 I right-clicked a part in the item list in the project's scene tab, and then clicked "Geometry Tools" > "Re-Tessellate". It's giving me the error "Failed to prepare NURBS for tessellation!"

Surprisingly, a web search or keyshot manual search didn't show this error. How do I fix this?

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Hello David,

Thank you for contacting Luxion.
If not already, please enable NURBS in your scene.
If you get an error after enabling NURBS, they may not have been imported or added in your original CAD file.
If that doesn't work, I’ll need to gather additional information. Please provide:
  1. Computer make and Specs:
    • Manufacturer (Dell, Toshiba, HP, etc..)
    • Windows/Mac OS version
    • Graphics Card model
    • Processor model
  2. Exact KeyShot Version (e.g. 8.1.80)
  3. CAD Software and version or year (if applicable)
  4. Step-by-Step instructions to re-create the issue you are seeing
    • Open KeyShot scene
    • Go to Project, Camera and add a Camera
    • etc…
  5. Screenshot(s) showing the issue that you are seeing
  6. A .ksp file of your scene

To save a ksp file:
  1. Open your scene.
  2. Go to File > Save Package.
  3. Name your file.
  4. Include Ticket number. - 15570

You may send it securely via our WeTransfer


Referencing your Ticket ID#:15570


Med Venlig Hilsen / Best Regards,

Erik Williams
Customer Support Specialist


I have the same problem wit the Keshot 10 for Zbrush.

The Nurbs doesn't working with this version? Help Please


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same problem as anna with zbrush bridge 

If you have not already, please download the latest version of KeyShot 10 or 11 to see if you are still experiencing this issue.

If this is happening using the bridge or with a direct import, if you haven't already try importing using the plugin to see what happens.

These can be found at

Lastly, please make sure NURBS are enabled before saving and importing your scene to KeyShot.

Let me know what happens.

Hi eric, I do have Keyshot 11 but its the keyshot for zbrush version. i dont see an additional plugin for zbrush for me to download. I dont see the option for activating nurbs when goto the are it supposed to be.  maybe its not an option for the zbrush version?


Ah yes, NURBs RayTracing is not available in the KeyShot for ZBrush CAD or KeyShot Personal licenses.

For a list of what is available with the Personal and Pro licenses, the pdf attached below will provide more details.


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Thanks Erik, 

I was hoping that wasn't the case but that makes sense. I appreciate your time on this and sending me the pdf! 


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