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Making looping animations

I'm trying to create an animation that can be looped. I want the first frame and the final frame to be the same. 

I have not found a way to copy the camera position from the first frame and duplicate it in the last frame. 

I have tried to manually record the camera absolute position from the first frame and enter it as the last frame.  This does not work. When I save the manually entered data as an animation position the camera is in a wholly wrong position. I'm wondering if the animation positions are incremental, not absolute? 

The best I have been able to do is manually move the camera to a position near the first frame but that is near impossible to get perfect. 

Hello Jonathan,

Thank you for contacting Luxion.
If you are trying to have the camera loop around a specific object using Orbit is the way to go.
it will perform a complete 360 around the model and finish exactly where it began.
If you are trying to use translate you can right click on the animation time line and select mirror and it will create a perfect mirrored version of the translation you originally selected.

We also have some great videos on our YouTube page that goes over advanced camera animations that can point you in the right direction.

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Thanks but neither of those options work for me. I'm using a series of path animations with camera switch events. This is a nonlooping version:

We need it to loop by adding a path from the last path to the first frame. It would be easy if I can somehow enter the final frame coordinates. 

With a single camera you can select to close the path

with multiple camera paths this option might not be available

so if you are trying this with multiple camera paths you might be running

in to limitations of camera path animation  

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