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Embeding KeyshotXr with wix website

Hi, i'am new so i'm sorry if i'm not very good using keyshot, i have created a file and i want to integrate it with my wix website but i'don't know how to do

Hello and thank you for contacting Luxion.
When you render your KeyshotXR or Web Configurator it will create a folder containing all the necessary files and images needed. The output can be stored and shared on a local intranet, zipped and shared securely, or hosted online to embed on a website or in presentation software. A webserver to host the files will be needed to view and/or embed the files. 
The link below will link to how to embed on WordPress. I am unfamiliar with wix but hopefully this will at least give you a starting point.

I hope this helps. If there is anything else we can do for you please let me know.

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Med Venlig Hilsen / Best Regards,

Erik Williams
Customer Support Specialist

Hi, wix doesn't accept the html file as upload in his storage, how can i do?

If there is no html format to embed to, unfortunately KeyShotWeb is not supported by that site.

How do you normally embed information on WIX?

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