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Save bips from ksp's to same directory

Hello! Is there a way to have KS save the bip file from an opened ksp fil to the same directory? Right now it is saving them to the scenes directory in the documnets folder and this has lead to many heart stoppages when I can't find a bip file and also has overloaded my paltry 256gb ssd that my IT dept refuses to upgrade. I work on a secondary drive and it would be great to be able have them saved right next to the ksp that I am opening. 

Not sure if this is a "how do i?" or request....

Hello Matt,

You should be able to go to Edit/preferences/folders and specify where you would like to save the scene and it will have a new default location.
You can always specify the save location at the time of saving but I have bypassed this a few times myself and you end up forgetting where the file is.

Either way you can adjust the folder location in the preferences under the folder tab.

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I have messed with that, and this folder system works great for network sharing our material library between two of us. 

I think what I'm looking for is more of a dynamic save location, so if there was an option to "Save opened ksp bip file in same directory" option that would suit me fine. Basically when I open or import a KSP file, have KS look at the path to that ksp file and perform all autosaves and backups to that same directory. I work in a project folder environment, each project has its own folder structure, so going and changing that folder for every ksp file I open, well, that would be difficult for me to remember to do :) At least right now I have one location to check and stop my panic attack :) 

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