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Need help creating a diffuser material!

Hello, I'm quite new to KeyShot and was looking for some help / advice on how to (re) create a believable diffuser material that I can render in both light and dark environments. The model I'm using was created in Fusion360 and exported to KeyShot 10 through the plugin. 

I've included the .ksp package with the model and basic materials as well as photos of an actual sign in both light and darkness. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 



EXIT Dark.png
(4.87 MB)
EXIT Light.png
(3.35 MB)
(1.35 MB)
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Hello Chris,

Thank you for contacting Luxion.
So I took a look at the scene and there are a few things you can try:

I did see the top layer of the sign was a standard glass material, I would switch this to a cloudy plastic in the material tab.
You will need to play with the cloudiness and also the color of the cloudiness but this is a good place to start.

Also You might want to look at creating a multi material  for the emissive color.  when it is dark I bumped the intensity up which helped a lot.
For the day time I decreased the intensity and changed the color to an off white almost yellow to accent the cloudiness of the plastic.
Using multi material will allow you to switch between these making it easier to run renders.

I did see you tagged this on the forum which is good, getting feed back from designers will always be the best thing to do with creative questions since everyone has a different workflow.
We also have a public forum: where we have a much large community for questions like this.

Referencing your Ticket ID#:20627


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