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Label Position and Studio Cameras Resetting Randomly

Hi all,

A couple new bugs I've noticed while using KS 10:

1. In various files, my label positions have been frequently resetting themselves when changing various things including materials settings, label settings, and hdri light positions to name a few. All other aspects of the label stay in tact, only the position resets.

I should note that I typically always map labels using a 2d mapping node. 

2. When using studios, sometimes my studios 'forget' their assigned camera, seemingly randomly. So if the 'camera' checkbox is checked and a camera is chosen, if i go to another studio and then go back, sometimes the camera checkbox will no longer be checked.

Has anyone else experienced these issues?



System Info:

KS. 10.0.198

Windows 10.0.18363

Nvidia RTX 2080ti

Threadripper 3970x

Hi Paris--Yes on KS 10.1.80 Still having similar issues with studios. In one scene I tried a Sun & Sky Animation (which was super slow to render!) but it also corrupted the next lighting environment. 

So I ditch that Sun & Sky, but now get a phantom reset of that same studio lighting environment. So far my cameras have been stable. 

How did it get reset? Does it loos the hdr/hdz path, does it pop up with resolve missing resource warning on optnning the file? If so I have the same issue with some enviroments that somehow get corrupted and reset every time the file is open. I reported that and also found a temporary work around. 

Nope, no warning or missing link that I noticed. Sometimes it would just randomly default the studio environment to the top of the list, I could later set it to the correct one, no link problem.

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