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Reactivate keyshot license at home

I have problems to reactivate my keyshot license at home. I deactivated keyshot at work, tried to activate it at home but it says that the license is somewhere activated or needed an update.

Keyshot was activeted on my home computer, but after I deaktivated it 2 times and activeted it at work i coudn`t activate it at home agan. It works for my colleagues, only I have that problem.
I tried it severel times to remove keyshot complitly from my home computer and to install it but nothing worked.

I don't know what to try next, do you have any ideas?

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Hello Katharina,

Thank you for contacting Luxion.
Please send us your request file.
How To Create A Request File:
     1. Start KeyShot and select "Activate your license" from the registration wizard.
               • Note: If you are currently in the "Demo" mode, then open the registration wizard from Help(Windows) or KeyShot (Mac) > Register License.
     3. Enter your information and click Continue.
     4. Enter your serial code.
     5. Click Save request file and send that file to us as an attachment.
Once we receive the request file from you, we will be able to generate your license.
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Support manager
Luxion Inc
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