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Moving geometry normal to a plane


Somewhat new to KeyShot and I'd like some assistance to be able to move geometry normal to an oblique plane.  For instance, I have automotive gauges sitting in an aluminum bezel which is mounted to an angle from the base model's or world coordinate axis.  How do I move said gauges such that their movement is perpendicular to their bezel.  When I try to move them, I get the move and rotate axis tool but I see no way to preset the reference plane such that their movement can be constrained to be perpendicular to the bezel face.  Is it possible to create an auxilary plane as I can do in my CAD design program, or, perhaps, set the move tool to be perpendicular to a selected plane? Thanks for anyone's assistance.  Happy New Year everyone.


Michel Berryer

Berryer Design & MFG, LLC

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