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Nubee In GPU render need advices ;)

Well like mentioned in the title, i just get a RTX and i did my first rendering using GPU... I use to see all my CPU cores runing a 100% but with the RTX is different, is not constant like CPU only the VRAM stay without any variation  : 


So i'm asking this is normal doc ? 

Thanks !! 

PS: Its much much much much more faster than my 14 cores cpu (26hours with 28 Threads CPU / 22:1 minutes with rtx 3090 GPU)

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So for this you will want to look at CUDA cores, in the task manager where you are looking you can click on any of the dropdown arrow where it says (3D, Copy etc.)

and select CUDA  this will show an accurate reading of the GPU when rendering since KeyShot is using the CUDA cores for rendering.

Typically you want to look at that and the VRAM for an accurate reading when running the GPU.

I hope this helps,


Support Manager

Luxion makers of KeyShot

Hi Justin,

Thanks for your fast answwer ;) 

Ok i got it! So its basiquely the same scenario during the render with CUDA its not constant or allways @ 100% like the VRAM..


So this still looks normal with CUDA to you? So far i didnt get any crash or nothing look runing badly... 


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Hi Justin,

The last scenario was during "a final rendering" and this new one its when i'm in real time GPU rendering... its much more constante like allways between 95 and 97 %... 


So does evrything look normal to you ? 

Thanks in advance ;) 


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