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Environment map doesn't save sometimes

Quite often I face a very very unpleasant bug. I setup the light by choosing from a list of environments from the library, it may take a very long time, then I save the file, but when I open it the next time the Environment I created is empty. There are the settings saved, totation, brightness etc but there is no file ref, it is empty. And from the 50 pcs I just cannot remember what was the name of the file to restore it. 

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Hello Alex,

Thank you for contacting Luxion.
If I can collect a little information from you:
Please fill out the Computer and Cad Information form by clicking here

And if you can send us a KSP for testing:
Please send us your scene as a ksp file.

To save a ksp file:
  1. Open your scene.
  2. Go to File > Save Package.
  3. Name your file.
  4. Include Ticket number.

You may send it securely via our WeTransfer

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Justin Adams
Support manager
Luxion Inc
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