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Ruby material turn back when applied

I have a ZBrush bridge v 10 HD. When I export from ZBrush, say a ring with a stone and try to apply a ruby material it simply turns black and is not at all what it should be. Other gems don't appear to have that problem. Not sure if this is a bug or something I'm doing wrong or some issue with ZBrush bridge.


Hello Marcos,

Thank you for contacting the KeyShot Forum.

No other gems seem to have this issue, is that correct?

Its possible the gem geometry is using legacy materials.  If you double-click on the ruby, the Materials Windows will open. Look under 'type' to see if it is a legacy material.

If so, change it to the preferred type and see if that helps.

Thank  you for your quick reply. No. In the type menu it says "gem" I could not find "legacy material"

The Ruby material may have a different Transparency Distance than the other gems in ZBrush. 

Try changing the Transparency Distance to above 3 to see if that changes things.

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