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KeyShotXR network render issue

There seems to be a strange bug happening with KeyshotXR feature today.  Confirmed this bug with 4 computers with Keyshot installed (only 1 computer has the latest keyshot update from this weekend).

The bug is odd so I will try to explain as best as possible.  It's also causing others issues that is crashing the program.

Once an image is rendered as an KeyshotXR render through the network it cannot be rendered again until reloading the file back up again.  This was never an issue before today.  If I try to do another KeyshotXR render after already doing it once the render type switches to Image (on the network monitor)  instead of XR and fails.  This is only happening through the network, not as a render on the pc.  So if I render a second or third or etc. just on my pc it works fine but trying through the network on the render farm computer it fails.   Also the file itself starts to do other strange things ie, can't change environments, remove environments, toggle between CPU and GPU mode, etc.  all these things have crashed the program (you should see Report Problem files).

Also toggling from CPU to GPU is crashing or freezing the program which never happened before once the above problem started happening today.  It seems to be related to the KeyshotXR issue but i've duplicated the problem without doing a KeyshotXR render.

Also there was no windows update which I thought may cause issues.  Tried rebooting my PC and thast did not fix the problem

Very odd this started happening first thing this morning.  If anyone is experiencing this please let me know if you have any other suggestions.

Hello Peter,

Thank you for contacting Luxion .
I was able to duplicate the issue, It looks as though when sending the XR to the network immediately after KeyShot will automatically switch to image render. 
This does seem to be a bug but I will have to generate a bug report for the development team to look at and generate a resolution to this.
This might take some time to pin down the root cause but hopefully it will be resolved for the next update to 10.2

As a workaround the user will have to manually switch the rendering to XR in KeyShot if sending the job twice.

As far as the CPU to GPU crash this is a bug that we are aware of and are in the process of having this resolved for our next update.
For this I will add your information to the bug report to give the development team more information to resolve the issue.

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