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KeyShot10RhinoPlugin Reinstall Error

When I first installed it(KeyShot10RhinoPlugin), it worked fine.

I deleted the plugin to re-install it.

I did the following to delete the plugin file.
1. I deleted the plugin folder from %appdata%.

2. Deleted the plugin folder from Common Files of Program Files.

3. Deleted the plugin folder from Common Files of Program Files(x86).

4. I deleted the plugin related registry in regedit.

I re-installed the plug-in program, but it does not work.

I reinstalled it, but when I checked it couldn't find the plugins folder in %appdata%.



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Hello TaeKyun,

Thank you for contacting Luxion Denmark Support.

Usually at this point, I know it is a long and frustrating process, but I would recommend a fresh installation of both Rhino 7 followed by a fresh installation of the KeyShot plugin.

If that fails, we will need a more detailed analysis. Please download and run the Windows Process Monitor on your computer. You can download the Process Monitor from

Please send us the Process Monitor's log as well as the date and exact time when the test was performed. This will allow monitoring all system activity.

  • Start the Process Monitor
  • Start KeyShot
  • Attempt to recreate the issue
    • Please make a note of the date and time that you conducted this test. 
  • Once the process is complete and/or the error is triggered, click the magnifying glass icon on the Process Monitor to freeze the recording.
  • In the Process monitor go to _File->Save_ and save the file
  • Make sure that "All Events" is selected to make sure we receive all events.
  • Save the process monitor results in a zip file and send it to us through our WeTransfer link here.
Please make sure to include the following in the message field for your upload:

  • Your Ticket ID: 30508
  • The Case Subject: 
  • Support Agent:  Erik Williams

This will allow us to track your files in our system.

*Note*: Please make sure to provide the exact time when this test was conducted. This will help us with searching through the log.


Referencing your Ticket ID#:30508


Med Venlig Hilsen / Best Regards,

Erik Williams
Customer Support Specialist
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