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Fade animation problem


when a make a fade animation with a part of the file, when he's 0% the parts  behind are not clear, there are some fragment that disturb it or the light change, the part behind are darker.

You can see the attached pic

Pic (a) with the cover

Pic (b) the cover has a fade 0%

Pic (c) the cover are disabled

How can I solve this problem?

Thanks       I' using  KeyShot Version 10.1.82

(145 KB)
(191 KB)
(136 KB)
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Hello Gianni,

It is likely that the part with the fade animation has some overlapping geometry with what is behind it. This overlap could be what is causing the issue.

Have the user check to see if the cover is overlapping with another geometry and if so, move it forward just enough so that the geometries are not overlapping.

Be advised that any changes to part placement after an animation has been created will more than likely break the animation. I would suggest having the user save first before doing this.

If this does not help, please ask the user to try using the KeyShot 10.2 BETA to see if he still experiences this issue.

It can be downloaded from the link here.

Either the Full or Update installer will work for this case.

Let us know what happens.

Best Regards,

Erik Williams

Customer Support Specialist

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