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Change object size post Animation

Hello, I have set up a Keyframe animation and I am now looking to adjust the size of one of the objects. Each time I scale, when I go back to the animation and press play it un-does the scale.  Is there any wat to overcome this?  I don't need the scale to change mid-animation, just to change size. I've even tried scaling it with the animation window shut.  

Thanks in advance!

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Hello Zaid,

Thank you for contacting Luxion Denmark Support.
Unfortunately not. Once an animation is assigned, it is part of the scene hierarchy and its dimensions saved. Any changes made after the animation will be reverted to its original state once the animation is run. Changing or removing any materials applied to a geometry will also break the animation.

For these reasons, we generally recommend not adding animations until after all materials and changes to the geometry is complete.

I wish there was more we could do to help. If you have any other questions though, please let us know.

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Med Venlig Hilsen / Best Regards,

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