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Move Gizmo disappears when overlapping geometry

When using the move tool, sometimes the move gizmo disappears. It seems like that if the object I'm moving overlaps with other geometry, the gizmo won't appear. I can guess where the handles are and move and rotate the object, but I just can't see where it is. 

If I rotate the camera around the scene/object, the gizmo will appear, then as soon as I let go of the mouse it dissapears again. I'm trying to get a screen grab, but can't yet. 

any ideas? I'm runnign windwos 10, and the latest version of KS. 

Here is a scene that shows it

scene 1.jpg
(144 KB)
Hello Matt,

Thank you for contacting Luxion.
Is this using stock geometry from KeyShot or are you using specific geometry from a CAD software.
Would you be able to share a basic scene where this is happening or at least the steps to reproduce.

Thanks in advance. 

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My second comment includes a scene. I am using stp files for most of my CAD stuff, a mix of custom stuff, cinema 4d files and Keyshot stuff. 

Use the locked camera in the scene, and choose the wingnut (imported from grabcad) and click the move tool. half the gizmo will be gone. if you switch to the free camera and rotate the scene around, the gizmo will appear until you let go. Depending on the angle, the gizmo is hidden. can't tell why or how. 

Sorry Matt didn't see the second post.

Okay, if I can have you try to delete the settings.xml file to reset KeyShot settings and see if this helps.

I am going to create a bug report on the issue but I would like you to try this to see if we can get a work around for the issue:

Note: this will rest KeyShot back to default settings.

Windows Instructions:

1. Go to either one of the destinations below:

  • C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\KeyShot #
  • C:\Users\YourUserName\Documents\KeyShot # 

2. Look for KS#Settings.xml file and delete that file

3. Relaunch KeyShot. DO NOT migrate any settings from older versions of KeyShot if it asks again.


Macintosh Instructions:

1. Click on Go on finder bar then click on Computer

2. Open Macintosh HD

3. Open Library folder

4. Open Application Support folder

5. Open KeyShot # folder

6. Look for KS#Settings.xml file and delete that file

AH yes, seems the emails i was responmding to were not being posted here. 

It appears that this was an issue in the settings file, as soon as I reset the settings, the problem went away. I have been slowly resetting my preferences back to the way they were and I am trying to see what the issue is. 

It appears that th emain issue is with the "selection outline" on/off status. I think you logged it as a bug and that's the last I heard. Thanks!

Hi all,

I've the same issue and it's really annoying. I tried to reset the keyshot setting file, it works but after few moves, the gizmo is disappearing again.

Does anyone have a more precise idea on what could be a solution?


This is a professional grade program?

you all can't even make simple functions like the gimbal showing???

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