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10.2.113 fails to add more than 1 studios to queue

allows you to view the checklist of Studios to add, no matter what combination you select (some/all) it'll take forever to add 1, then dim the modal window twice, and stop at 1 and go to the queue with only 1 job labeled "configuration". restarting, reinstalling does nothing. Selecting the studios manually and clicking 'add to queue' takes only a second, and works, and sending the queue to network rendering works. please fix this, the 'add studios to queue' function is crucial for our productivity. we often have to send 10-30 studios at a time. 

10.2.113 also seems to be creating empty garbage folders for each render from the network rendering (Network Rendering 10.2.113)

Hello Joey,

Thank you for contacting Luxion.
This was a change that was made during the 10.2 update:

To give some insight into why the change was made.

When submitting a Job to network rendering using “add studios” in 10.1 it would send the entire file for each Studio.
For large files with many Studios this results in a significant amount of data send back and forth.

By bundling the studios in on Job (as it is done in 10.2)the file would only need to be send to the Manager Computer once and then be reused for all the studios.
Sadly this change had some unforeseen side effects as you discussed above and also exposed a Bug related to DoF.
The change was mentioned in the change log as  “Model sets and Studios can now be added as a single job to rendering queue.“.

We just made a hotfix available, it includes various fixes, as well as changes to how add model sets and add studios work.

To avoid confusion here is a quick summary of how it will behave now:
Adding Model Sets, Studios or Multi-Materials from the still image tab via the button in the Queue window will be shown as a single bundled render job (Configuration) in the queue.
Clicking the button multiple times will add multiple bundles.
Even though it is displayed as one render job, the output will still result in multiple still images in your output folder.
Render jobs will follow the Name Template of the active tab in the render output settings when added via the Queue.

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Justin Adams
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