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Camera Control Hotkeys not saving after restarting Keyshot

Under Edit > Preferences > Hotkeys > Camera Control, I set the Hotkey Preset to SolidWorks.

After I close and restart Keyshot, the camera controls revert to the default. When I open the above settings window, the Hotkey Preset is correctly set to SoliddWorks. After I close the settings window, the camera controls work as they should - using the SolidWorks presets.

This happens every time I close and reopen Keyshot and started after upgrading to Keyshot 10. My current version is 10.2.113.

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I am unable to reproduce the issue. If you upgraded to KeyShot 10 using the upgrade installer, please make a backup of your current Resources Folder to save any textures and materials. Then please uninstall KeyShot and try a fresh installation using the Full Installer.

  1. Uninstall KeyShot
  2. Make sure to delete the KeyShot  resources folder
    • note: move it to the desktop if you wish to back up your resources
    • Windows Default:
      • C:\Users\UserName\Documents\KeyShot or
      • C:\Users\Public\Documents\KeyShot
      • Delete C:\ProgramData\Luxion\KeyShot folder
      • Delete C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Luxion\KeyShot folder
    • Mac Default:
      • /Library/Application Support/KeyShot
  3. Download and Re-install KeyShot using the links below.
    For this step, you’ll need the full installer(not the update installer).
    • You can find the newest version of KeyShot here.
    • You can find older versions of KeyShot here.
  4. Go through the registration wizard, enter your license information, and KeyShot should be up and running.

Please let me know how this works for you.

Best Regards,

Erik Williams
Luxion Customer Support
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