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Color palette sticks out of the screen

Hi guys,

first of all - thank you for your hard work! I have been working with Keyshot for a long time. And it has helped me a lot!

I use a multi-monitor setup with two different resolutions. My main monitor (QHD) displays the render viewport, my second monitor (2048x1152) displays the project properties and libraries.

But after every restart, the color palette sticks out of the second screen. Each time I have to resize it so that I can fully display it again. The problem only occurred for me with Keyshot 10.

You'd think it might not be a big deal, but after half a year I have to capitulate. Is it because of the different resolutions of the monitors? Is there a workaround?


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Hello Jonas,

Thank you for contacting Luxion Denmark Support.
We have noticed a few issues regarding dual monitors and scaling that we are working on now.
Its not so much the different sizes, but KeyShot's Qt framework.
We are updating this now and hope to have a much more consistent screen resolution in the KeyShot 11 release.

Thank you for your patience, Jonas.
We will keep you updated as things progress. 

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