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Is Keyshot Ready for the Apple M1 MAX Chip?

Will there be a small update or will it come with the release of Keyshot 11?

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Hello Raymond,

Thank you for contacting Luxion Denmark Support.
Actually KeyShot 10 is already compatible with the new M1 processors.
KeyShot 11 will be as well.
Please bare in mind that GPU mode will still be unavailable, but you should experience no problems with the latest M1 chips.

I hope this clears things up. If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to let us know.

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Med Venlig Hilsen / Best Regards,

Erik Williams
Customer Support Specialist

Hi Erik,

Will GPU mode eventually be available for Keyshot 11? Also, do you have any benchmarks showing the performance increase with the M1 Chip? I've got the new MacBook Pro M1 Max on order and hoping the boost is significant.


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Shadowing Raymond with that questio. Do you see Keyshot supporting GPU rendering with the GPU boost we are seeing on M1 Pro and M1 Max chips? If so that really opens up rendering workflows with laptops too. Curious to hear if that is something for the pipeline

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Hi, I'm also interested in knowing whether GPU support will be added as well. :)

Unfortunately the KeyShot 11 release will not support GPU rendering on Mac Operating Systems.
One of the many reasons is due to Apple GPUs not possessing RayTracing cores, a key feature in KeyShot's programming.

While  I know this is not the answer you were looking for, I want to assure  you that things are in happening behind the scenes to better support  KeyShot on Mac OS.

Med Venlig Hilsen / Best Regards,

Erik Williams

Customer Support Specialist

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It’s been around a year now since the m1 chip came out. Just being “compatible” with these new chips makes any investment in a MacBook Pro significantly handicapped. It would really be appreciated if Luxion could provide some clarity around whether keyshot will run natively on macs, whether we will get gpu support or whether there are no immediate plans to change anything from just being “compatible”.

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Keyshot will have to really step up its game now that Adobe has seriously entered the market with its Substance 3D programs. Making Keyshot M1 native will be a big step in that direction. My MacBook Pro M1 Max arrives in three weeks and if Keyshot doesn't show vast improvements in speed it will be time to look elsewhere.

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It would at least be a good first step if Keyshot is supported natively on the new M1 chips. I also have an M1 Max on order and would be a waste not to be able to utilize all that power until something is done regarding GPU support. 

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I'd really love to see full native support (including GPU support) on Keyshot for M1.

I'm currently running Keyshot 10 on my MacBook Pro M1 and it works pretty well (actually surprisingly so when run side by side with an i9 Thinkpad with the NVIDIA T2k). I imagine that taking advantage of all of those on-chip graphics cores in the M1 would be a massive performance improvement.

I’m using keyshot 10 on my M1 Mac mini with 16gb of unified memory. It works very well but I KNOW it’s still has about 1/3rd of its performance compromised due to the lack of native support? Questions I would love to hear answered.. when can we expect keyshot 11? When can we expect native support on M1 chips? And finally, is the m1 gpu more powerful than the cpu?

i have a MacBook pro m1 max running keyshot 10 and its great for the stuff i do, but when you compare it native support that you see in otoy octane you can see the real potential....hopefully this will happen.

Following this thread on a Mac Pro-very interested in Keyshot somehow working with AMD  if that is even possible.

Raising this thread from the dead. I run KeyShot 7. I need to replace my Macbook Pro and I am concerned that KS7 will not be compatible with the new M1 processor. 

Any advice Keyshot community? 

Thnx in advance.

Here is my dilemma.

I need a CPU keyshot 11.3 viewer benchmark number on the new M1 max and ultra machines.

I have a 2013 Mac Pro as our primary rendering machine, and two other macbook pro’s that are used for scene setup and CAD work.

I have been posting this question on the forums with no response. my customer care rep. can't seem to get an answer either.


The Mac Pro benchmark is attached below:


If the M1 max or ultra can hit a 2 + number in the benchmark CPU test it would make sense to upgrade that machine.

I would like to use this years budget to upgrade, but with no Idea what that number is to compare, I’m shooting in the dark.


As an alterative, do you know of any current customers that are running the new apple silicon that we could contact?

macpro bm.png
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(94.9 KB)
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