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UDIMs with Zbrush Bridge

I have UVs across three UDIMs on my character.  I'm sending the character to Keyshot using the Bridge from ZBrush.  I need to add some maps from Substance.  I know ZBrush itself does not handle UDIMs so that may be the root of the problem.

If I set Texture to Texture Map and leave it on the default Box Projection, I can see the texture but it clearly does not fit, even after flipping.  If I change to UV Projection the whole model turns black. 

If I set to Tiled UV, Keyshot does bring in the correct textures in the Tiles menu, but the whole model turns greenish.  When I look at the Material graph only one of those textures is connected and if I connect the other one, the first drops off at the same time.

I'm a newbie with this workflow and have no idea how best to approach it.


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