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HDMI environment

When trying to create a new environment using my own image, the image loses quality. After importing an image from my hard drive to the HDMI editor, the resolution is lower, the edges are aliased, and the colors are flat. The images that come with the program look crisp, but the ones I try to create myself aren't. 

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 I have this issue as well.

I use high resolution environment maps for lighting, and in some cases, I would like to use the environment map as rendering background. However, Keyshot downsamples the texture to a point where the rendered background becomes unusable. I understand that the full resolution may not be needed for environmental mapping purposes. Howerver, when the box "Background > Lighting environment" is ticked, then it would make sense to render the full resolution HDRI that the user has selected, rather than some arbitrary downsampled map.

I have managed to find something close to a workaround by creating a sphere approximately the size of the environment map and mapping it with the full resolution HDRI using a flat material. However, then I end up with occlusion issues.

Does anybody know of a solution to this issue?

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