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Keyshot Pro vs. Solidworks Visualize Professional

I'm Keyshot (for Alibre) user between from 2009 to 2017. Our company bought Simlab Composer for animations in 2017 and the decision was based solely on the price. The decision was not neccessarily entirely correct. Simlab has lot of bugs and using is very laborious. We have Solidworks Visualize Standard also, but it is cabable only still images.

Now I'm mapping out a new software for rendering and animation. Our customer have asked rotatable a 3D-models to their website. We use Solidworks for 3D desing now.

Does anyone have experience both SolidWorks Visualize Professional and Keyshot Pro? Is it possible for SW Visualize Professional to make rotatable 3D models (KeyshotWEB). Is there quality difference between Visualize and Keyshot?

Does the link between Solidworks and Keyshot remain after closing?

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