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Hide input surface - Fuzz


I am using fuzz and would like the surface that it is coming from to be hidden. So when looking at the back of the surface you just see ends of fuzz for example. 

How can I hide this input surface?

Or have fuzz coming our of both sides of the surface?

Any help is much appreciated,


Hello Simon,

Thank you for contacting Luxion.
Sadly not this can not be done, the Fuzz uses the normals of the surface to extrude out and hiding or removing this will also remove the Fuzz.
You can edit the normals to adjust where the Fuzz comes out of and the direction it comes out of, you can also use texture maps to map how the Fuzz comes out we have a great video on our YouTube page on this.

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To hide the base surface of the fuzz material, just change the material type to emissive, color black, toggle off "visible to camera"


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