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Fade animation not working (z-fighting defects, "ghosts" of parts still visible in performance mode, parts still selectable)

Hello there, 

I'm wondering if anyone else is having the same issue and is as bothered as I am by it. I've just filled in (another) support ticket. I was hoping KS 11 would fix this issue but it hasn't happened yet.

ISSUE Summary

Fade animation doesn't fade out object properly: lots of z-fighting defects, faded objects are sill selectable even though they're invisible, performance mode reveals the "ghost shadow" of a faded object


When I fade out a cube on a disk (img 01) from 100 to 0%, i get the following results (see img 02 and 03). I know the black square in product mode is due to z-fighting, but KS8 could handle situations like this just fine without giving me defects (see img 04 and 05).

I animate assembly lines with thousands of parts and require a lot of fade animations, even if i manage to work around the z fighting by manually separating all parts ever so slightly, there's still the issue of the fade animation not really having faded out the object. In img 06 I've moved the cube slightly up to avoid z-fighting. It looks fine, but if i click in the area within the cube outlines (i've marked my click in blue), KS selects the invisible cube rather than the disc.

Like I said, my assemblies have thousands of parts, so it's not practical for me to work via the material graph fade node. I'm used to fading whole assemblies (say, all of an industrial robot at once) as well as linking fade animations to fade entire areas of my assembly line. I'm really disappointed that the new version hasn't taken care of this issue and as it is, I will probably need to stick with KS 8 until this issue is taken care of.

Hoping for some help/advice/alternatives/feedback from the KS community!

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