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Studios not retaining settings

This is a long-standing issue. However it's still persisting and very annoying. Often after opening a file (previously saved) I return to find I need to update many of the studio settings. Especially studios that have multiple active model sets. Environment and camera seem to be remembered, but I'm also needing to specify the model set often. I'm not using multi-materials so can't comment on the state of that at the moment. 

Ver. 11.1 Beta. Build 33

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Thank you all for your patience, this has been a long time coming.

We believe this issue to be solved with the KeyShot 11.3 release, scheduled for early November.

To receive a copy of the BETA to test it out and see if your studio issues have been taken care of, please contact out team at Make the message to the attention of Erik Williams and state that you would like a copy of the latest KeyShot 11 BETA.

I will send it to you securely through our WeTransfer channel.

Thank you again for your patience and I look forward to hearing from you all soon.

Best Regards,

Erik Williams

Customer Support Specialist

I opened my Keyshot 11.1 file I saved last night and all my studio's had disappeared. Luckily creating a new file and re-importing brings them back (mentioned in this thread). This bug needs resolving ASAP as studio's are a really key feature to time efficiency and workflow.


I'm using KS 11.3.1 Pro and have nearly the same issues.

Today I have a curious case that my studios are like blocked.

I can set everything in it, yes. But, for example, the checkboxes in front of the selection fields are greyed out and when I change the studios, the previous settings are immediately gone again.

I didn't know until now that I could also block studios. Is this new or also a bug?



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