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Network Render Computer - help with specs

    I am in the process of specking a network render computer to place on our office network. It will be shared between 3 designers. I am looking for advice to where we should allocate our money between CPU, GPU, RAM.


    I was looking at the hardware below but I don’t understand the balance between CPU and GPU rendering, should we focus on maximizing one of those parts or try to maximize both CPU and GPU?


    • CPU – Xeon 16 core
    • GPU – Nvidia Quadro RTX 5000 (is this necessary if we are getting a fast CPU?)
    • RAM – was looking at 64gigs, is this over kill?

    Or are there other options that would work better?



      Hello Jeremy,

      Thank you for contacting Luxion .
      Having a balanced machine with all of this is necessary to run KeyShot optimally.
       we recommend:

      CPU: Thread ripper 12 core or higher.
      GPU: RTX A5000 or higher
      RAM: 64G or higher
      Storage: 2-3T
      Cooling: Liquid cooling

      Something along these lines would run KeyShot optimal.

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      ok thanks, would you recommend RTX A5000 or Quadro RTX 5000?

      Seems like the RTXA5000 is a bit faster

      Correct, I would look at the A series.  We use these in our office and they work fantastic.

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