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Labels showing through to parallel surface

Hey, I have been using Keyshot for a little while now but still have have much to learn. 

I have just updated to KS11 from KS8 and I am having an issue with my labels showing through an object even though depth is set to 0 and double sided is switched off (planar mapping). What's funny is that this is inconsistent too, sometimes it seems to do it and other times not.

See how this "logo" is also visible on the inside, but note that when looking at the object from the reverse angle it is not visible on the other side.



Any help is greatly appreciated!


Can anyone help here?

change the depth value to e.g. 5 mm

A value 0 will be interpreted as infinite


Thanks Marco that worked. Interesting that 0 is infinite. Good to know!

I guess that typing ∞ might be more challenging 

Yeah, maybe a check box with "infinite" might be more useful and less confusing. Every bit of software has it's quirks though :)

Thanks again for your help!

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