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KS11.1 Studios Names Disappearing and more

In KS11.1 I'm seeing studios now no longer have names attached to them. This is actually a big deal as I name studios with critical information such as animation frame ranges. 

I'm also seeing image style is not being remembered. See attached image.

Windows 10, KS 11.1 Build 46

Hello Will,

Thank you for contacting Luxion Denmark Support.
When creating new studios in KeyShot 11 or studios in KeyShot 10 and importing them to 11 I do not run into this issue.
Does this happen with older scenes imported into KeyShot 11?
If so, how are they imported?
  • opened, drag-and-drop, imported, etc
Are there any special characters in the studio names or variables?
Does this only happen with studios that include animations?

Any and all information you can give will help us to reproduce the issue.

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Med Venlig Hilsen / Best Regards,

Erik Williams
Customer Support Specialist

It seems I have the same problem with KS 11.1.0! I can't import any existing KeyShot data (KS11 or pre version) as this will delete all existing studios (even if import data doesn't contain any studios....). The only way is to reimport CAD-data (which needs a lot of rework, hence). This is also a big deal for me as I have set up all my renderings for different color variations containing around 20 studios...

No animations, no special characters (even no studios imported).



Win 10, KS 11.1.0 Build 46

Hey Erik, 

Here's the lifetime of this file: 

1) STEP imported into KeyShot 10 (last year) and added materials to it, as well as created some model sets and studios in the file
2) Save as KSP

3) Open KSP in KS 11 (about 1 year later) and delete all studios
4) Create new studios as needed

5) Add animations to various parts

At this point, I'd been working with this file for a couple of weeks to create various animations for a project. Good news - I completed the animation. Bad news - This is a project file included in my upcoming paid KeyShot training course. Customers will be using this file and I don't want them to be plagued by studios not retaining information. 

6) After not touching the KeyShot file for a couple of weeks, I opened it up to see if GPU mode could be initiated when rendering this file (it can not... unknown error), but it's at this time that I noticed, all the studio names were gone.

Throughout the course of working on this file, I did upgrade from KS11.0 to KS11.1 Beta and just recently to KS11.1 (activated license). I don't think activating my KS11 subscription license would lead to studios forgetting their names. 

When I open or import old data/scenes into KeyShot, I drag and drop 100% of the time. However, I never 'import' bip/ksp files. I always choose 'open' when presented with that option.

All the studios had model sets and cameras that had animations applied to them... so not sure if this would apply to a scene without animations. 

Also, the studio names were: S1_61-151 (so, underscore and hyphens), not sure if that's considered a special character.

Let me know if I can provide any more information. Here's a link to the file if that helps.


I've setup a file using the SolidWorks plugin into KeyShot 11.1. Added camera's, HDR, materials then created the studios. Went back into the file half an hour later and all the studios have vanished.

This has been happening regularly with different files, including older files which were created in KS10.

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