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Empty nodes aren't saved when you save a project or material

Today I discovered that empty nodes aren't saved when you save a project, model or material with empty nodes in the material graph. This is strange as it's very practical to have different options for a material and the material graph is the ideal place to test out such options. I post it her as I think this may be a bug. 

This also seems to be an issue with simple materials when you disconnect the nodes 

1. open material graph for simple paint material
2. disconnect the nodes and save as new material
3. open and apply this saved material and open it in Material graph

then you see that's it's opened with wireframe module so this strange

Hello Hans,

Thank you for contacting Luxion.
This is as designed, if your nodes are not connected to anything they will be removed from the material.
You can right click the tether that connects the node and disable it this way, this will ensure that the nodes will not be removed from the material.

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Ok perfect thanks Justin 

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