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Keyshot 11.1build 46 crashes on launch

I have a single computer (Mac Pro 2019) that will not launch Keyshot 11.  It bounces in the dock once, quickly shows the splash screen, and quits.  Not error message on screen or reports.  Reinstalled doesn't resolve the issue.  Keyshot 10 works fine though.

The machine has over 190 GB's of ram.

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Thank you for contacting Luxion Denmark Support.
If you could, please provide us with your computer's specifications.
Also, please be sure that it meets the system requirements listed at

Also, try deleting your KS11Settings.xml file to see if that cleans up the issue.

Macintosh Instructions:
1. Click on Go on finder bar then click on Computer
2. Open Macintosh HD
3. Open Library folder
4. Open Application Support folder
5. Open KeyShot # folder
6. Look for KS#Settings.xml file and delete that file
Let me know if that worked for you.


Referencing your Ticket ID#:66894

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Med Venlig Hilsen / Best Regards,

Erik Williams
Customer Support Specialist
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