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importing modelset will always import studios and kameras

importing model set from other files and uncheck everything exept geometry, it will import kameras,studios and enviroments anyways and if one of these studios have the same existing name as in working file, it will show two studios but handle them as one. you can not delete  or rename it without effecting the duplicate. also if you need to delete 10 or 20 studios, enviroments and cameras without accidentally delete a wrong one is no good workflow to import file. not at all to be honest. workaround is to save curent selection as model set, delete all studios, enviroments and cameras and then save current model set to import it to another file... great

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Hello Jeff,

Thank you for contacting Luxion Denmark Support.
​If I understand correctly, when importing another bip file into a currently open scene and selecting geometry only, studios, environments and cameras are imported over anyway. Is  this correct?

Most of these issues were solved in the KeyShot 11.2 release, what version of KeyShot are you currently using?

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