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Extracting Label and Art Design onto a Flat File for Spec Sheet for Manufacturing

Hello Keyshotographers,

I have designed and visualized a few products within Keyshot using a mixture of labels, textures and effects within Keyshot. I was wondering if there was a way I could extract the design off a 3D model and have it placed on a flat surface so they can placed into spec sheets so a factory can print the art onto the product? I would use the original label and art, but the mapping style along with some of the procedural additions has made the art unique inside keyshot and would be difficult to reproduce in photoshop. 

Thanks a bunch in advance for the assist as having a way to extract the art would save me a lot of time in being able to go straight to manufacturing from the keyshot file.

I have attached as well a sample of the spec sheets we submit to the factory for mass pro. 

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