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Importing materials

Hi everyone, I have recently started using Keyshot and I have some doubts regarding the import of materials and models.

I cannot find a library from which it is possible to download (free or paid) materials and models. Do you have any to suggest to me? Online I have found various websites offering this type of assets but I never see the format required by Keyshot (for materials it should be KMP or MTL, right?).

Thank you all!


Did u check KeyShot Cloud

Hi Burcin

thank you for your answer. I've already checked Keyshot Cloud, but unfortunately it doesn't have the materials I need. I've found a platform, Poliigon, that offers various materials, but I can't understand how to import them in Keyshot...If I try to download a material it is downloaded a folder with different jpgs images.. can somebody help me?


Related page does not have a material. Yes they looks like material but they are only maps.

U can use downloaded maps (  *.jpg...etc...)  as a map in keyshot.

U can easy set that kind of material in keyshot. Please take a time for some KeyShot learning videos

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