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Issues with importing models from Solid Edge 2023

Running Keyshot 11.2.1

I recently updated my CAD software (Solid Edge 20223) and I'm running into some issues importing assemblies.

At first my assemblies were importing with missing components. I figured out that the assemblies I was trying to import had some components from the previous CAD version (SE2022) and some components from 20223. I went into the assembly and updated all components to 2023 and the complete assembly imported.

Once I updated the assembly components to all be the newest version, the import took a long time to load (~5min) and there are new issues. Edges with chamfers and rounded corners are not connected (gaps are seen), and I can no longer re-tessellate any of my imported models.

Has anyone else experienced this? Any ideas on where I should start so that I can get my models imported with the same quality I had before?

Anything helps.

Thank you,


Hello Scott,

Thank you for contacting Luxion .
We are still in the process of updating our importers for the latest Solid Edge release. 
At the moment we support Solid Edge 2022 and older versions. We hope to have this updated in the KeyShot 11.3 release, scheduled for release in a few days, but we cannot promise anything at this time.
You can import your scenes using a format compatible with Solid Edge 2022 until we have the installers updated.

Thank you for your patience during all of this.

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Med Venlig Hilsen / Best Regards,

Erik Williams
Customer Support Specialist

I saw that a 11.3 update went out, but I'm still having issues with my imports from Solid Edge 2023.

Tessellation quality is low (much lower then my import settings), and I can not -re-tesselate anything that I import.

Is there still an update in the works for Solid Edge 2023?

It seems that Siemens made some big changes with the SE2023 update. I would just go back to SE2022, but files are not backward compatible, and I have a huge amount of work that was saved as SE2023 before knowing any of this.

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