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How to improve the lights and the yield of metal in jewelry

Hello everybody,

I would like some advice if possible.

I am not an expert in rendering and I have not taken courses. I'm trying to learn with the aim of making nice images.

I would like to improve the effect of the metal. Here it doesn't look like silver-white gold.

I see it dull and not as bright as it should be.


This is my setting:




If I try to change the environment I get too much light to make the metal white, or too little to make the metal dark.

I would like to arrive at a rendering quality like in this photo:


I am not having the skill and knowledge to replicate a rendering as in this last photo, therefore, it would be enough for me to be able to improve the yield of the metal in my first photo.


How can I do?




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You need more contrast in your lighting. Metal is all about lighting, right now your lighting is too soft edged I think. Try some sharper transitions between light and dark. The sharper the transition the more shiny or reflective the metal will appear to be. 

Also be very aware of your scene units compared to how large your lighting environment is. if you have a small 2cm object but your environment is 2000cm, it will be hard to get lighting to look good. 

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