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Model Sets Not Rendering

I duplicated a perfectly functional model set, so I could render a scene with multiple color variations of one product. And the instant I duplicated, neither item appears in the preview render or any output render. I can solo each one, but they're not visible simultaneously. .

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Hello J.hauptman,

Thank you for contacting Luxion .
I am going to send you a new full installer which has multiple fixes including issues we have had with studios.
You will need to perform a complete fresh installation once you receive the installer.
The installer will be coming from Wetransfer Shortly.

How to perform a fresh install:

  1. Uninstall KeyShot
  2. Make sure to delete the KeyShot  resources folder
    • note: move it to the desktop if you wish to back up your resources
    • Windows Default:
      • C:\Users\UserName\Documents\KeyShot or
      • C:\Users\Public\Documents\KeyShot
      • Delete C:\ProgramData\Luxion\KeyShot folder
      • Delete C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Luxion\KeyShot folder
    • Mac Default:
      • /Library/Application Support/KeyShot
  3. Download and Re-install KeyShot using the links below.
    For this step, you’ll need the full installer(not the update installer).
  4. Go through the registration wizard, enter your license information, and KeyShot should be up and running.
Please let me know how this works for you.

Referencing your Ticket ID#: 81167

You are able to check the status of your ticket by visiting your ticket portal by clicking here.
We would recommend bookmarking the page as you can also see if any responses were sent to you, or notes applied.

Justin Adams
Support manager
Luxion Inc

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